Our Kennel and our "life's phylosophy" with dogs  

If you look at a site celebrating victories, the headlines announcing "fame and glory", the trophies lined up on the shelves, ribbons and diplomas hanging on the walls of each room...well...maybe this is not the right website for you.
As breeder, we parrtecipate to several Dog Shows in all Europe, because we enjoy going around for shows with our dogs, and when one of our dogs has a good results or when we finish a championship abroad, for us is the confirmation that we're on the right way and we have a good subject to show and we sure will have many satisfactions
"Breeding" is not for us to survive by selling puppies: if it becomes too much like "work” we leave it to others.
Ours is a passion that has taken hold over the years, a passion as great as the love for our companions in life, for those who are with us now, for those who through years and events, "has moved forward", on the Bridge.
Inside the National Park of the Dolomites, you will find the Aivane Kennel, born from our passion for the dogs.
We started in 1994, with a female Leonberger.
After so many years that passion is always the same, although our family-pack is greatly increased over time.
By choice we have never had more than two litters a year, because for us it is crucial to follow personally mother and baby at all stages of the pregnancy, birth and weaning, without neglecting the other dogs that we have, adults, and even kitten, the “little old men”.
The name of our Breeding derives from a legend of the Dolomites.
The "Aivane" are in fact fictional characters or fantasy, are the fairies that live near the water sources: streams, rivers, and lakes....
They are very shy fairies. They have a human form only at night, but if notice they have been observed, they are transformed immediately into animals and vanish in the forest or woods from where they came.
The legend says that if a human succeeds to see them even once in human form, he will have good fortune and happiness throughout life...........