Leonberger Delle Aivane
About us
We started in 1994, with two little human girls and a Leonberger  female named Bixia Orellana, who we practically decided to call Bimba, just because  <BIXIA> was virtually impossible to pronunce for our two little girls who were really too young, and  <Bixia > came out from  their mouth with a sound similar to < BISSIA >, which in our dialect sounds like  <BISSA > which means  <viper> or < snake>.... well…..not a good sound …..so ok for Bimba, or rather Bibi, as she has always been for us.  At first we were far from the idea of ​​becoming Breeders, and even further away from the idea of ​​participating in beauty shows, then things have changed over time. We started going to the show almost  just for fun at the beginning, or to have a different  way to spend Saturday and Sunday together. But we got a real passion and we kept on exposing our dogs in Italy and specially in  many foreign countries. Now our daughters are grown up and have taken their way into life, so we have increased the canine  family over the years. Ours is a passion that has come to pass over the years, a passion as great as the love for our companions of life, for those who are with us now and for those who over the years and events greeted us to go ahead on the Rainbow Bridge. Inside the Dolomiti National Park, you can find the Aivane Kennel, born from our passion for dogs started in 1994, with our first Leonberger female. After so many years, passion is always the same, even though our family pack became bigger over time. Except for exceptional cases, we never have more than two litters a year, because it is essential for us to follow personally mom and puppies at all stages of pregnancy and even before, birth and weaning, socialization of puppies, without however neglecting t he other dogs we have, youngs, adults and our  oldies too
Who we are
Who the Aiváne are
The "Aiváne" are fantasy characters of Dolomitic legends, mysterious and magical creatures that live in the woods, and are indissolubly bound to water: lakes, ponds, streams. They are not fairies, at least not always and not completely ...... They have an extremely irascible character, and they can turn very quickly from a wonderful maiden, in a bad old witch, they can even become half a woman and half snake. They are always shy, and rarely take on human form, but if they notice they are being watched, they immediately change into animals and disappear in the woods where they came from. The legend says that if a human can only see an Aivana just once in human form, this human will have luck and happiness throughout your life ....
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